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Production and selling program

Poštovanje tradicionalne recepture, bez kompromisa


The pies are made from buckwheat, pumpkin and wheat flour in over 20 different flavours.



Try them as soon as possible and fall in love with their unique taste of grandma’s kitchen.



Some of perhaps once forgotten recipes belonging to your mothers and grandmothers will come to life in front of you in the bakery Ključ.


An authentic blend of tradition and love

The buyers say that we produce food of unordinary taste that reminds them of sincerity, smile and warmth of the hugs of their grandmas. The flour we grind in the watermill made of stone, the buckwheat we grow in the mountains, the pie crusts we make ourselves and the decision not to use additives are only some of the reasons that contribute to a completely natural state of all our products.

Unique recipes for our pies, controlled raw materials quality, as well as the spirit of traditional recipes make our products filled with love, smiles and some masterly secret. This is not the story about our bakery’s success, but it is a story about saying thank you to our customers who keep coming back and participate in the life and honesty of our bakery, because the key of Ključ bakery is the mutual satisfaction and silent, repeated enjoyment in little things. That is exactly what is happening in our Ključ bakery.

Ključ bakery has been dealing with the pie production from handmade crusts, cornbread, salads and traditional cakes since 2006. For its 10 year existence, Belgrade’s Ključ bakery has become a synonym for handmade, homemade pie of extraordinary quality and taste without artificial ingredients. The pies are made by using different flour kinds, in over 20 various types of flavours, and the bakery is recognizable for its production of handmade traditional buckwheat flour pies, as well as, unique pies made with pumpkin flour crusts without ingredients, additives or preservatives, with respect to the highest security standards and food products quality

Our pies and cornbreads made by traditional recipes can be bought in some of the biggest retail chains, apart from our retail on Topličin venac number 5- Ključ bakery. You can buy them already baked or frozen if you want to make and consummate them in your home with your family. The guests of some prestigious Belgrade hotels are also familiar with our pie palette on the menu for hotel breakfast or some business meeting as the best out of all offers provided by Serbian traditional food.

The synonym of current business is solely devoted work, effort, love of the entire family for the work we do, or more precisely, the devotion in all development phases through one’s own and team work of the entire collective. Today, the successful bakery status is the result of committed work, respect, sincerity and vision.




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Topličin venac 5, 11000 Beograd


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